About Us

Jallikattu is an ancient sport and there is proof that the sport is 5000 years old. There is also concrete evidence that it was been part of Tamil culture long ago. There were about 150 native breed varieties in the state. But now it is reduced to 37. JallikattuSports promotes native breeding of cows and also leads to preservation of animal biodiversity. Jallikattu sports is the only way to preserve our native breed bulls. the bull which “wins” in the Jallikattu sports is considered as the strongest among bulls and is treated as the common heritage of the village. It also appears that the said bull is allowed to mate with cows in the village thereby producing healthy second generation of those cows. Without jallikattu sports we slowly destroy the native breeds of Tamil Nadu. Already native live stock is in threatened stage as there are imports of foreign breeds and cross breeds. Due to the technology improvements in agriculture and tractors there are no works for native bulls in farming. The only reason for people to have bull is Jallikattu sports. Without Jallikattusport people have no reason to have bulls. And also, will benefit beef exporters and slaughtering house. The foreign companies may still import the cross breeds (or genetically modified cows) which yield high amount of milk that is the main cause for diabetics and other disease today.JALLIKATTU SPORTS is a precious and prestigious Tamil heritage and people do not want to lose their identity.